Enter a horse

To do so, you can register online on My ARQANA TROT or fill in an entry form and return it by email at or by fax at +33(0) For any information on entries or to request an entry form, please contact us via email, fax or call us on +33(0)

To register online or to download entry forms from our sales, please consult the calendar page.

Description of sales available here.

Enter online

Prepare the inspection visit

For yearlings

Once your horse is entered, a member of the ARQANA TROT sales team will come and see it in order to assess its conformation and determine which sale or day of sale will be the most suitable to its profile.

When entering a horse

On the entry form, don't forget to mention the place where the horse will be available for inspection.

Schedule of inspections

An appointment will be made with you at least a week before the inspection. Inspections follow a verytight schedule, with which we ask you to comply.


Supply the necessary paperwork

A summary of the procedures for preparing your horse will be sent before the sales. Thanks in advance for forwarding the instructions to the person responsible for its preparation. Also be sure to inform us of any changes between the time you register your horse and the day of the sale (gelding, empty broodmare, or overing, birth ...).


Mandatory for all horses :

All horses must have the following documents :

Passeport with up to date and validated vaccinations.
The ownership certificate or certificate of sale if the certificate is paperless (Download here).
A Coggins test result dated within one month of the date of sale (this result must be received by mail, fax or post no later than the day of the sale).
A Health certificate dated less than 8 days before the sale (Download here).

We remind you that all horses must beings microchipped.

Check the list of documents required for each type of horse entered.


Payment form

You will also receive a sale mandat, which you need to fill it and return to us. Please make sure you specify the names of the owner(s), shares of ownership (in case of a partnership), VAT regime and preferred payment method. We recommend that you enclose the particulars of the bank account in case of settlement by bank transfer.

Download the payment form

Check the conditions of sale

Please pay particular attention to the following sections :

• Information, documents and guarantees to be supplied by vendors (sections 4, 6 et 7).

• Withdrawals (section 5).

• Miscellaneous obligations for vendors (section 8).

• Liability in respect of damages causes by or to the horse (section 10).

Conditions of Sale

Vendor’s payment, commission and buy back fee

Vendor's payment

ARQANA will pay for each horse, after having received the corresponding payment from the purchaser, thirty (30) working days after the sale (and not including the day of the sale), and guarantees total payment to the vendor for each horse sold forty five (45) day after the sale.

Check the General Conditions of Sales to know the payment condition (section 13).

Vendor's commission / buy back fee

• The vendor's commission of 7.5% before tax (VAT at 5,5% applies or 20% extra depending on the product in question) and the entry fees (with VAT at 20% on top) are mentioned on the entry form for each sale session. They are deducted from the sale's price.
• In case of a vendor's buy back, there is a fee of 2.5% before tax (VAT on 5,5% on top or 20% extra depending on the product in question), which is calculated on the highest bid. Entry fees are due to ARQANA TROT.